ACT | The App Association Webinar: The Role of Injunctions in the European Union

The European Union Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive (2004/48) sets out a basic framework for harmonizing the enforcement of intellectual property. This webinar will discuss how the IPRED is transposed and interpreted in national jurisdictions. The audience will hear from esteemed practitioners from law firms all across the European Union, [...]

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FTC v. Qualcomm – The Big Tech Antitrust Case Nobody’s Talking About

While big press outlets focus on major investigations into Google and Facebook, a more consequential and farther-reaching case is about to reach a critical stage. In a briefing hosted by ACT | The App Association last week, congressional staff heard from a variety of stakeholders who cautioned that a Qualcomm [...]

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How German Patent Reform Could Benefit Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises

As the leading voice for small business innovators, ACT | The App Association works hard to bring the small business voice to legal and policy discussions about standard-essential patents (SEPs). Our goal is to create an environment that allows small businesses to contribute to and utilize standardized technologies. A balanced [...]

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EU Update: One Year After SEP Communication, Where are We?

A year ago last week the European Commission published a Communication on the licensing of standard essential patents (SEPs).  It was an enlightened move to steer a fraught process that has been dogged by litigation, especially in the area of communications technologies. Lawsuits over the licensing of SEPs for communications [...]

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