Small Biz Week and the City

“And I couldn’t help but wonder…what can others do to support their local businesses?” “Your order has arrived.” YES! I patiently wait for my courier to drop my order on the doorstep (contactless delivery, duh). It’s a Saturday evening in quarantine, and I’m gearing up for a big night: Netflix [...]

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No Code? No Problem!

To build a software or content company 20 years ago, you needed to design packaging, contract with disk duplicators, arrange distribution channels, set up order processing, handle shipping, and take care of hundreds of other logistical details. All that, in addition to building and marketing your product. Being in the [...]

By |2020-03-16T12:37:13-04:00March 16th, 2020|App Economy, Blog, Trends|

Amplify: Cory Lancaster

ACT | The App Association recognizes the gap in representation in the tech community, and we want to change that. Our Amplify series lifts the voices of those in the tech community who are working to close those gaps in representation. We’re highlighting the problem solvers, telling the stories that [...]

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