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No Code? No Problem!

To build a software or content company 20 years ago, you needed to design packaging, contract with disk duplicators, arrange distribution channels, set up order processing, handle shipping, and take care of hundreds of other logistical details. All that, in addition to building and marketing your product. Being in the [...]

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How German Patent Reform Could Benefit Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises

As the leading voice for small business innovators, ACT | The App Association works hard to bring the small business voice to legal and policy discussions about standard-essential patents (SEPs). Our goal is to create an environment that allows small businesses to contribute to and utilize standardized technologies. A balanced [...]

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Encryption: A plea for common sense

This morning I will join Senator Ron Wyden, Associate Professor Jun Li, and some of my fellow Silicon Shire tech entrepreneurs at the University of Oregon for a discussion panel on encryption and cybersecurity. My company, Wellbeyond, is dedicated to spreading health and happiness. During the past months we have developed a meditation app [...]

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Why watchOS 2 will make your Apple Watch insanely great

When Wellbeyond released a meditation timer, it was designed from the ground up for the Apple Watch — with a “Watch First” mindset. The user interactions on the Watch were designed first, and the iOS app was almost an afterthought. While this fostered a very simple and elegant user interface, most development time [...]

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