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Encryption: A plea for common sense

This morning I will join Senator Ron Wyden, Associate Professor Jun Li, and some of my fellow Silicon Shire tech entrepreneurs at the University of Oregon for a discussion panel on encryption and cybersecurity. My company, Wellbeyond, is dedicated to spreading health and happiness. During the past months we have developed a meditation app [...]

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Why watchOS 2 will make your Apple Watch insanely great

When Wellbeyond released a meditation timer, it was designed from the ground up for the Apple Watch — with a “Watch First” mindset. The user interactions on the Watch were designed first, and the iOS app was almost an afterthought. While this fostered a very simple and elegant user interface, most development time [...]

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My Life in Apps: The Founder

My purpose in life is to spread happiness. Every app I use is in some way fulfilling that purpose. For me, successful apps are single-purpose nuggets of delight that make a small part of my life easier, more effective, and more enjoyable. Collaboration Pivotal Tracker is a tool that helps [...]

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A week of bi-coastal member meetups and conferences

  by  Kominyetska ACT was active on both coasts this week: Member Outreach Director Sara Kloek and ACT President Jonathan Zuck met up with members at the Microsoft TechEd Conference in Orlando Florida, while I was attending Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) and joined many of our app-building members in celebrating creativity [...]

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