Data Protection Without Borders: The ENCRYPT Act Promotes Encryption Protection Wherever You Are

Hackers do not discriminate. They seek out technological vulnerabilities to access consumers’ most valuable data, regardless of where the consumer lives, or where their data may be accessed. Last year alone, more than 15 million Americans were the victims of identity theft. The boundaries of the cyberthreats they faced had [...]

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ACT | The App Association Statement on Microsoft’s Supreme Court Data Access Case and the Imperative for the CLOUD Act

Washington, D.C. - Today, U.S. Supreme Court Justices will hear oral arguments in the ongoing United States v. Microsoft data privacy case. The case explores whether U.S. law enforcement can compel Microsoft, a U.S. company, to provide communications content stored on a server in Ireland. In our interconnected, cloud-enabled word, [...]

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Data Security and Breach Notification: Is 2018 the Year for this Legislative Unicorn?

For more than a decade, Congress has tried to address the rampant occurrences of data breaches. Since the ChoicePoint breach in 2005, the House and Senate have introduced roughly 50 different pieces of legislation related to data security. None of them have been enacted into law. The reasons for this [...]

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China’s New Cybersecurity Law Implications for Digital Trade and America’s App Developers

Yesterday, China introduced its new Cybersecurity Law, a long debated law that will impose tough regulations, introduce serious uncertainties, and possibly prevent market access for American companies conducting business in China. This law is particularly toxic for ACT | The App Association’s app developer and small business members seeking access [...]

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