Workforce reVolution: Behind the Wild and Wonderful Developments in the Great State of West Virginia

Almost heaven, West Virginia; Blue Ridge Mountains, and a computer science requirement before graduating high school?! When the average non-West Virginian thinks about the state there is a 99 percent chance that John Denver’s “Country Roads” comes to mind, but there is so much more to my home state than [...]

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Amplify: Cory Lancaster

ACT | The App Association recognizes the gap in representation in the tech community, and we want to change that. Our Amplify series lifts the voices of those in the tech community who are working to close those gaps in representation. We’re highlighting the problem solvers, telling the stories that [...]

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Our Country Faces Some Serious Gaps. Broadband Access Can Help Fill Them.

Despite economic shifts in traditional industries like manufacturing and agriculture, the U.S. tech sector is booming, with jobs within the sector growing 3 percent every year. However, the American workforce is struggling to keep up. The United States has more than 500,000 unfilled computing jobs today, and unless we address [...]

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