The App Association’s Visual Guide to Facial Recognition Use-Cases

Recently, we compiled a primer on the various legislative responses to facial recognition currently percolating at all levels of government. Since then, facial recognition, especially law enforcement use-cases, has received increased scrutiny as part of the ongoing national conversation about racial justice and police reform. Last week, major vendors Microsoft, [...]

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Don’t Panic: AI Will Always Need You

“Prepare for failure, yell and do not expect anything.” “Before inspiration, comes the slaughter.” “Seek success, but prepare for vegetables.”  No, these are not bizarre threats or samples of Kanye West’s tweets, these are quotes created by Inspirobot, an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven bot that was designed to create inspirational [...]

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New Vlog: Regulatory Update with Brian Scarpelli

Congress may be back from August recess, but US Federal agencies never left! Check out our regulatory update on what the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have been up to all summer (and what we expect to come) [...]

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