End-to-End Madness: The Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act is the EARN IT Act’s Evil Twin

Recently, ACT | The App Association made it a priority to highlight encryption’s essential role in facilitating a safe and secure internet, a role that’s become even more vital while millions remain quarantined and reliant on remote communication technologies. This is especially the case for vulnerable communities, such as the [...]

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Countdown to P2B Regulation in the EU: What You Need to Know

On 14 June 2019, European institutions adopted the “Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services”, also known as the Platform-to-Business or P2B. As stipulated by law, the regulation goes into effect 12 months from the date [...]

The App Association Comments on the European Commission’s Proposals for the Digital Services Act

On June 30, ACT | The App Association submitted feedback to the European Commission (EC) about two inception impact assessments (IIAs) related to the Digital Services Act legislative package (DSA). The DSA will update the EU’s 20-year-old eCommerce directive and address liability for user-generated content, online disinformation, as well as [...]

Competition in the Digital Economy and the Digital Services Act

On Tuesday, 30 June, Dora Palfi from ACT | The App Association member company imagiLabs spoke on behalf of app makers in a panel discussion on competition in the digital economy. The panel was part of Forum Europe’s Digital Services Act (DSA) conference, a weeklong event of virtual networking, panel [...]

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