Leading Businesses and Industry Bodies Launch a CEN-CENELEC Workshop to Agree on Best Practice Code for SEP Licensing in Europe

BERLIN: ACT | The App Association (ACT) and the Fair Standards Alliance (FSA) today established a CEN CENELEC Workshop to examine the licensing of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) in Europe, in particular in the field of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT). Delegates from a wide range of companies [...]

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ACT in Financial Times – Upstream Players in the Internet of Things Seek to Double Dip

On Friday, the Financial Times published a letter from ACT president Morgan Reed on the escalating debate over standards essential patents and the internet of things (IoT)  in Europe. The letter is behind the paywall here, but you can read the full text below. Upstream Players in the Internet of [...]

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Don’t Let Europe Turn its Back on Open Standards by Legalizing Patent Trolling

Europe has long been a leader in the development and deployment of both open standards as well as the technologies these standards drive. Everyone agrees that open standards play a critical role in interoperability, innovation, and competition. Open standards enabled me to build an ICT consulting firm in Alicante, Spain [...]

Fairly examined, truly understood No standardisation is wholly bad, nor wholly good*

In early June, the European Commission presented a proposal for a regulation on European Standardisation intending to “accelerate, simplify and modernise standardisation procedures”. In this document, the Commission has singled out ICT as a sector where standards are important, playing a role in stimulating innovation, cutting administrative burdens and encouraging [...]

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