#tbt: Six Months of Our Lives in Apps

If you’ve been following our My Life in Apps series the past six months, you’ve learned about the many ways ACT | The App Association’s staff relies on apps. And if you haven’t (tisk!), you’re in luck.

In celebration of the day of the week traditionally used to commemorate the more awkward years of life, we’ve decided to throw it back and share our wide range of app-filled guides to life (a #tbt that also involves fewer pairs of braces and less permed hair):

  • If you’re training for a marathon in 2015 (or just trying to get in shape), our resident runner and Policy Counsel Whitley Herndon has all the apps you need in her edition: The marathoner.
  • For moms on-the-go (and families of all sizes), our Chief of Staff Melissa Lee shares the apps she couldn’t live without in her Super mom post.
  • Adjusting to a new city (or learning more about the one in which you already live) can be hard, but my post, Recent grad in a new city, will help make your transition a smooth one.
  • Our Membership and Outreach Assistant Alex Cooke is a Music enthusiast at heart, and her edition has the best music apps you never knew you needed (and won’t be able to live without).
  • Our fabulous Creative Director Lauren Millslage has all the artsy apps necessary to ensure you have Artist’s fomo no mo’.
  • The sports fan (to put it lightly) at ACT is Vice President for Public Affairs Jonathan Godfrey, his post features everything you need to be your team’s most connected supporter.
  • If you’re going on a trip (or are in dire need of a vacation), don’t miss all the travel apps you need from Director of Policy Initiatives Sara Kloek’s Explorer edition.
  • For any photographers and filmmakers (or aspiring ones), our President Jonathan Zuck shares his “second life” as The film director.
  • Whether you’re planning a Friday night or an event for hundreds, our Director of Events Katherine Gallagher has all the apps need to Plan for success .

While this post is dedicated to My Life in Apps of the past, there are many more to come– stay tuned for posts from more of our team!

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