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On Thursday, September 12, ACT | The App Association is kicking off our first cross-country tour! Developed | The App Economy Tour is a series of events that brings entrepreneurs, business leaders, industry experts, and state, local, and federal officials together for an eye-opening discussion on next-generation apps, game-changing mobile solutions, and innovations driving the app ecosystem.

Developed is an opportunity for developers and entrepreneurs, at any stage of the development or business cycle, to get more insight into how to build a brand, what rules and regulations they must be mindful of, how to get into app stores quickly and efficiently, and how to figure out what comes next in terms of funding streams and business opportunities.

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Each event, hosted at a local brewery, will feature a panel discussion followed by networking. During this happy-hour event, developers and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to: engage with industry influencers to explore paths to success in the app ecosystem; explore the tools and connections available to developers through platforms, including built-in customer base, reduced overhead, and developer toolkits (including analytics); identify new market opportunities in the $1.3 trillion app economy;learn best practices for branding, marketing, and attracting talent in the tech industry; and network with local entrepreneurs and leaders in their local community.

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Each event in the series will highlight a community in the United States that is supporting a growing and vibrant digital economy but may not typically be considered a “tech hub.” Over the next few months, App Association staff will host these events in:

  • September: Providence, RI and New York, NY
  • October: Boulder, CO, Atlanta, GA, and Seattle, WA
  • November: Santa Monica and Oakland, CA, and Minneapolis, MN
  • December: Charleston, SC
  • January: New Orleans, LA
  • February: Houston, TX and Saint Louis, MO
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Interested in attending one of the events, or just want more info on Developed | The App Economy Tour? Reach out to [email protected]. Hope to see you there!