Based in Turin, Italy, Synesthesia creates high-quality native and cross-platform apps for smartphones and tablets. Synesthesia has been developing mobile applications and services since 2011 and continues to grow due to their specialization in digital productions. Their research center builds solutions using the most relevant and high-level digital tools with the aim to share their knowledge and expertise about application development both in the Italian and European markets.

Through their dedicated iOS, Android, and web teams, Synesthesia understands the opportunities and growth that comes with the digital revolution. They also understand that working with the right innovation partner means giving your company ten more years of growth. Synesthesia’s specialists approach every project with a research process, combining science and understanding to achieve business goals and facilitate the growing process. Their team brings dedicated expertise with real experience in native languages like Swift and Kotlin so that everyone can benefit from cross development in Unity, React Native, or JavaScript.

Beyond their platform, Synesthesia recognizes the importance of creating positive change in their professional community. Their company philosophy is focused around sharing knowledge and spreading meaningful stories of success at the intersection of innovation and technology. This is why Synesthesia is taking part in two upcoming tech events in Italy – Droidcon and Girls Tech.

First up: Girls Tech. On March 14, 2019, Synesthesia, together with some of its partners, is launching Girls Tech – a European initiative to help bridge the gender gap in tech. Girls Tech is an event dedicated to amplifying and advancing women in technology in all its forms: robotics, coding, electronics, and 3D printing. There will also be discussions surrounding the labor market, and prospects and ambitions for a fairer and more respectful future for all. The goal of Girls Tech is to help reduce the gender gap in tech, raise awareness and institutional concern, and build a global and inclusive vision that ensures equal cultural, educational, and employment opportunities for all girls and boys.

Synesthesia will also take part in Droidcon April 4-5, 2019, in Turin, Italy. Droidcon aims to bring together key app developers and suppliers from Italy and Europe. Keynote speakers will include Chet Haase, head of the Android UI toolkit team at Google, and Romain Guy, a senior software engineer at Google.

For more information on Girls Tech or Droidcon please reach out to ACT | The App Association.