This March, the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Access to Data (CLOUD) Act became law as part of the omnibus spending bill. This legislation is an integral step in settling long-contested legal questions around law enforcement access to data stored in the cloud and helps clarify the expectations for thousands of American small businesses that rely on cloud computing to serve customers overseas. By authorizing bilateral agreements between the United States and other countries, the CLOUD Act gives law enforcement the tools they need to keep our communities safe while giving small businesses the clarity they need to protect their customers’ data.

While passage of the CLOUD Act answered some key questions about law enforcement access to data, many small businesses are left wondering how lawful requests for data work in practice. Small businesses may ask, “If I’m a small business owner, how does a data request come to me?” or “Which countries have bilateral data access agreements with the United States?” To address these important questions, The App Association’s Senior Director for Public Policy Graham Dufault joined Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP’s Partner Amy Richardson to host a CLOUD Act webinar for App Association member companies.

Check out the complete webinar below to answer your CLOUD Act questions or simply learn more about lawful access to data. And if you have questions that we did not answer, don’t hesitate to reach out to the App Association team – we’re always h-app-y to help!