This year, ACT | The App Association turns the big 2-0.

To commemorate two decades of service and advocacy, we take a walk down memory lane with the App Association staff who work tirelessly on the issues that impact and influence the developer community. These are the people responsible for making sure the App Association remains a strong and trusted voice on behalf of the innovative app developers and tech small businesses that drive the $950 billion app economy.

While the appearance of the app ecosystem has evolved significantly over the past 20 years, we think the App Association team still looks as good as they did back in 1998.

(Well, we might be a little bit biased…)

Fasten your seat belts, folks. It’s time for a major throwback.


Mike Sax


Mike Sax is the App Association’s founder and chairman of the board of directors. He’s always exploring new opportunities to improve tech policy.



Jonathan Zuck


Jonathan Zuck, fondly called JZ, was the very first president of the App Association, and serves on the board of directors. In addition to caring deeply about tech policy issues, JZ is also a filmmaker.



Morgan Reed


As the president of the App Association, Morgan is the captain of the ship. He leads our advocacy efforts and is regularly called before Congress to testify as a subject matter expert on issues ranging from telehealth, to data privacy, lawful access to data, among others.



René Adam


René is the App Association’s chief financial officer and resident Louisianan. He handles all of the App Association’s finances – including financial planning, record keeping, and financial reporting.



Melissa Lee


Melissa is the App Association’s special advisor and has been correcting apostrophes and providing strategic advice since 2006.



Chelsea Thomas


Chelsea is the App Association’s executive director and manages the day to day activities of the App Association. All. The. Things.



Kimberly Huey 


As director of administration, Kimberly is responsible for the App Association’s bookkeeping and human resources, and in her free time, is a general cat herder.



Brian Scarpelli


Brian is our senior global policy counsel. When he’s not leading the App Association’s advocacy on standard essential patents, intellectual property rights, accessibility, and connected health, he’s leading the pack on Pokémon Go.



Graham Dufault


As senior director for public policy, Graham leads the App Association’s policy initiatives and education efforts before Congress – from encryption and connected vehicles to intellectual property and broadband deployment.


Roya Stephens


As director of communications, Roya leads strategic communications efforts and serves as the voice of the App Association to the press and the public. She’s kept mum on her history as a synchronized swimmer for twenty years… until now.



Alex Cooke


As director of membership, Alex oversees membership activities, lame jokes, and leads the membership team in supporting, promoting, and educating the App Association’s awesome members.



Joel Thayer


Joel is the App Association’s policy counsel and works on legal and regulatory issues related to telecom, privacy, trade, and competition.



Nick Miller


As membership manager, Nick handles most of the day-to-day communication and support for the App Association’s members.



Caitlin Irr


Caitlin is the App Association’s membership coordinator covers everything from Twitter, the Tech Swamp podcast (subscribe, please!), and more than few things in between! 



Eric Gagnier


As creative director, Eric works closely with the App Association’s membership and communications teams to produce infographics, illustrations, reports, and a host of creative content that makes the App Association’s education and advocacy efforts look cool.



Debbie Rose


As the App Association’s intellectual property (IP) fellow, Debbie keeps App Association members informed about the IP issues affecting the app industry. She works with program partners to support legislative efforts to protect IP rights and educates Congress and federal agencies on the importance of IP to the app economy.



Tye Smith


As the App Association’s office assistant, Tye helps with all things admin, logistics, and keeping the office running – and she’s also a professional vacationer.