Today, ACT | The App Association released a new report entitled Six-Figure Tech Salaries: Creating the Next Developer Workforce. The report provides the most in-depth look at the state of software development opportunities and the availability of computer science in our schools.

Interactive maps show where software developer jobs are, how much they pay, and where to find openings. It also reveals which locations teach computer science and where education needs are the greatest. Users can zoom in and out to see data by region, state, city or congressional district.

Key Findings:

  • Salaries paid to software developers bring more than $114 billion to the economy
  • Only one in eight U.S. high schools offer AP Computer Science
  • The average salary for software developers nationwide is more than $104,000
  • Eighty-nine percent of software developers are employed outside Silicon Valley
  • There are more than 223,000 unfilled job openings for software developers

The report will be discussed at a briefing, “Six-Figure Jobs: Where Are the Applicants,” hosted by ACT | The App Association in conjunction with the Congressional High-Tech Caucus at noon in 311 Cannon HOB (06/21/2016).

Full report

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