The state of the App Economy is strong. That’s what ACT | The App Association’s latest edition of State of the App Economy shows. The $120 billion industry continues to grow, creating jobs and revolutionizing how consumers work, play, and manage their health.

State of the App Economy highlights:

Job market

The App Economy is creating jobs across the country. State of the App Economy finds that more than 68 percent of top app companies are hiring, with opportunities extending beyond traditional tech positions. Of the top grossing app companies surveyed, those hiring had an average of 17 open positions.

Geographic diversity

The ease of entry in the app marketplace has led to dramatic growth outside traditional tech centers. More than 82 percent of top app companies are located outside Silicon Valley, and 13 percent are in rural areas.

Small companies making it big

Small companies and startups have long dominated revenue rankings and driven innovation in the mobile economy. State of the App Economy finds more than 82 percent of top app makers are small companies.

Opportunities in connected health

In 2016, connected health technology is poised to revolutionize the $3 trillion healthcare industry. State of the App Economy identifies the top growth areas for companies in the space as: chronic condition management, personal fitness and wellness, and remote patient monitoring.

Importance of digital trade

Digital trade is the lifeblood of App Economy growth. As the biggest digital trade partner for the United States, Europe and the U.S. are inextricably linked. Nearly one-fifth of the top grossing, U.S.-based app companies have operations in Europe, as app makers are poised to earn more than $85 billion in the EU marketplace by 2018.

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