InterKnowlogy CEO Emilie Hersh is the newest addition to ACT | The App Association’s Board of Directors. Hersh’s experience spans more than twenty years with tech startups, consulting, and extensive team leadership across a number of industry verticals.

As InterKnowlogy’s Chief Executive Officer she has successfully grown the company to a highly profitable entity, more than doubling revenue while expanding internationally. The company has become a global leader developing interactive software for startups, Fortune 100 clients, global media outlets, and many of the best-recognized brands in the world.

“We are delighted to welcome Emilie Hersh to our Board of Directors,” said ACT | The App Association President Jonathan Zuck. “Her leadership has produced extraordinary achievements in innovation and she’s long been a valuable resource to our organization. Emilie will be a great addition to our team.”


About InterKnowlogy:

InterKnowlogy is a global technology leader specializing in delivering highly innovative software solutions by leveraging current and emerging technologies. InterKnowlogy is known for technical expertise in natural user interface (NUI), WPF, and rich internet application (RIA) custom software development.