Republic of Korea’s Highest Court Upholds Landmark KFTC Corrective Order in Support of FRAND

Last month, the Supreme Court of Korea, the Republic of Korea's highest court, issued an important ruling that will have a wide impact on standard essential patents (SEPs) and fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) licensing practices. In December 2016, the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) issued a Corrective Order against [...]

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There is No “Tech Industry”

I spend most of my day thinking, writing, and talking about the small tech companies, app developers, and innovators spearheading growth across the global economy. In Washington, I often talk with people for whom “tech” is an all-encompassing term. To paraphrase Arthur C. Clark — to them, any sufficiently advanced [...]

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Member Mondays: These Are the Drones You’re Looking for: How DroneSense Software is Enhancing Public Safety

In this Member Monday we discuss how DroneSense has applied drone technology to enhance public safety. Today, drones are being used for everything from aerial photographs to grocery delivery. But Austin-based DroneSense is harnessing drone power to help public safety organizations and first responders expand situational awareness, and ultimately save [...]

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