ACT | The App Association’s Summer App Guide 

It’s summertime and the living is easy…but what if we told you it could get EASIER? We’ve assembled our top eight seasonally app-ropriate apps that can locate the best hiking trails, find the cheapest gas on your summer road trip, and keep kids’ brains engaged and entertained during the summer [...]

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How Do Networks Work?

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are shared on the internet every day. Do you ever wonder how your data gets from Point A to Point B so quickly and efficiently? ACT | The App Association President Morgan Reed explains how a network works, and why network management is so essential.

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Member Monday: Accessibility – Made for Some, Benefits for All

In this edition of Member Monday, Betsy Furler highlights her passion for,  and the importance of, accessibility in technology. By Betsy Furler, Your App Lady Within the tech community, accessibility can sometimes be a dirty word. In many cases, making technologies accessible is often an afterthought, or it’s a functionality addressed [...]

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