Tech and First Responders Make a Good Team. We Must Clear a Path to Help Them Succeed

Last December, ACT | The App Association and Sonim Technologies joined together to host “The Future of First Responder Technology,” an event to showcase how first responders are adopting high tech devices and software to better serve American communities. The event gathered congressional staff and other attendees to explore the [...]

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Guest Post – Outdated Digital Privacy Laws Threaten American Opportunities: Why We Need a Congressional Solution

By Bruce Backa As an American small business owner, my ability to grow and create jobs requires’ fair and unfettered opportunities to export our products and services around the world. With 95 percent of consumers outside of the United States, innovations in cloud computing have allowed even small companies like [...]

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Guest Blog: White Space Broadband Deployment Must be on the FCC Agenda

By Ross Marchand Consumers benefit when internet service providers (ISPs) compete for subscribers. For example, competition has produced innovative options such as zero rating (free data) plans that can be used to help lower income populations access important content on the internet. But, concerns abound about the quality of and access to [...]

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The European Commission’s New Standard Essential Patents – Top Three Takeaways

On November 29, 2017, the European Commission (EC) issued a highly-anticipated Communication on the licensing practices for standard essential patents (SEPs). The EC issued the Communication to provide a “balanced, smooth and predictable framework for SEPs” that will contribute to “the development of the Internet of Things and harnessing Europe's lead [...]

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