About Fernando Guerrero

A Civil Engineer and Surveyor by education; who became an IT Consultant, Author, Trainer and Communicator by choice; enjoying a new career in high management, as President of the Board of SolidQ, the greatest group of professionals anybody could dream about. MBA graduated, with post-graduate studies in High Management and Social Media, as well as a Diploma and Certificate in Corporate Governance with the Spanish Institute of Directors (Instituto de Consejeros-Administradores). Deeply involved in technology since 1976, running a 100% cloud-based company, with international presence since the beginning, deeply based in technology since it started in 2002. Extensive international experience during the past 25 years, spending twelve years of his life working and living with his family in Indonesia, Morocco, Bolivia, The United Kingdom and the USA, and thirteen more years as reference shareholder, CEO, President, and Board member of SolidQ. As one of the founders, and its reference shareholder, he contributed to growing SolidQ, a services company specialized in Data Platform and Business Intelligence, from a handful of international Database experts to a micro-multinational present in all continents, through 16 fully owned subsidiaries.