Member Monday: 5 Companies Innovating in the Internet Economy

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ACT | The App Association is comprised of innovative companies taking on some of the biggest challenges across all sectors of the internet economy. Here are five of our newest companies doing big things:


Atlanta-based AcesHealth was founded in May 2015 as an all-inclusive “health concierge” platform for patients. The company’s software integrates Bluetooth medical devices like smart inhalers and heart monitors to offer care providers a complete picture of a patient’s health. The comprehensive platform enables patient data tracking, real-time communications, notifications, and remote monitoring. Through the company’s predictive healthcare analysis, physicians can detect early warning signs of preventable emergency events.

Like many startups, AcesHealth pivoted its technology to meet needs in a niche market. Originally designed as a marketing engagement and analytics platform for clients like expensive hotels, resorts, and casinos, founders Jordan Spivak and David Heenan quickly realized that their idea could have a greater and more altruistic impact in the world of connected health.

Now a year into their venture, AcesHealth was recently accepted into the HubX Healthcare Accelerator in Little Rock, Arkansas – a joint partnership between Innovate Arkansas, Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Baptist Health.

The App Wizards

Santa Fe’s  App Wizards makes a custom app platform that allows small businesses to choose from thirty unique features to build an app. The company’s customizable mobile solutions enable smaller companies on tight budgets to access essential marketing and customer engagement tools.

Today the App Wizards are working with a wide array of small businesses in the Southwest including restaurants, healthcare practices, manufacturers, musicians, nonprofits, artists, and local governments.

Content Checked

Content Checked, founded in the United States in 2013 by a father who was having difficulty finding allergen-free snacks for his daughter and her friends. After his daughter’s friend was hospitalized by something she ate at his home, he started a company that provided tools to help people better understand food labels and the ingredients in packaged foods.

Fast forward a few years, and Content Checked is now a growing, publicly-traded company located in West Hollywood, California. The company currently has three apps in the Apple iTunes app store: ContentChecked (for food allergies), SugarChecked (for added sugars), and MigraineChecked (for migraine-trigger ingredients). Each of these apps scans food labels and suggests alternative products based on a user’s certain dietary restrictions or preferences. The founder and CEO, Kris Finstad – and the apps’ over 2.6 million users around the globe – no longer have a problem finding foods that fit their dietary needs.


Oxbow helps parents and educators teach children and young teens about proper social media use while protecting them from cyberbullying. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, the app allows parents to approve or deny posts before they can go live to social media. Parents can also block inappropriate followers or comments right from their own devices without having to battle with their young users.

CEO Danny Krueger believes that his product provides, “training wheels for social media” and is meant to be used as a teaching tool more than a mechanism to control children. Oxbow has developed partnerships with parent groups and educational communities across the northeast Ohio region to help teach adults how to keep their children safer online.

Project Hosts

Project Hosts is a cloud services provider located in Conneautville, Pennsylvania. This company offers secure Windows and Linux cloud solutions with the industry’s highest security standards. With over a decade in custom cloud development, Project Hosts works with federal, state, and local government agencies, higher education institutions, and leading corporations like Ford and Procter & Gamble.

Founder and CEO Dr. Scott Chapman worked to secure FedRAMP SaaS-compliance, which allows Project Hosts to contract with government agencies to provide secure cloud storage. Because government agencies can more cheaply and efficiently outsource cloud management than host it internally, Project Hosts is one of few small companies to have achieved this status.

Mobile devices have changed how we interact with the world around us, and our members are creating the technology that is making that happen.

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