Pools are open, schools are out, and summer is on its way. While the impending heat often leads to taking layers off, we’re dedicating 99 days to trying wearables on – and telling you about them along the way.

The wearables market has seen incredible growth, but these devices are doing much more than just tracking steps. The wearables market spans a wide range of uses, working (or not working) for different lifestyles and goals.

That’s why our team is spending the summer testing out a wide range of gadgets. We’ll be using them to challenge one another, meet individual fitness goals, and explore cool new apps – and we want to help others do the same.

Starting June 1, our staff will provide regular insights on innovative wearable devices including:

  • Apple Watch – packed with powerful sensors, apps turn the watch into a wearable that spans health, productivity, entertainment and more
  • Beddit – this monitor and corresponding app aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of a user’s sleep quality
  • Cuff – hitting the market this summer, the smart jewelry combines notifications, activity tracking, and safety alerts
  • FitBit Flex – keeping track of sleep, steps, and calories burned, the wristband syncs with more than 150 smartphones
  • FitBit One – the activity-tracking clip displays stats on steps, floors climbed, calories burned, sleep, and active minutes
  • FitBit Charge HR – the wristband monitors heart rate and tracks activity – and has a battery that lasts up to five days
  • Garmin Vívoactive – the watch features built-in sports apps to help the user track running, golfing, cycling, swimming and other activities
  • Jawbone Up 3 – the wristband tracks exercise, heart rate, and sleep quality while syncing with “Smart Coach” to help users set goals and track calories
  • Jawbone Up Move – tracking steps, sleep, exercise and overall calories burned, the clip syncs with “Smart Coach” to provide greater insight
  • Leaf – the stress, sleep and activity tracker can be worn as a clip, bracelet or necklace
  • Lively – the personal emergency response wearable combines activity tracking, medication reminders and a one-push help button
  • Lumo Lift – tracking posture and activity, the magnetic clip vibrates to coach users
  • Microsoft Band – the wearable tracks activity and helps users stay connected with notifications for calls, texts, weather, finance, and more
  • Misfit Shine – a wearable that can be worn anywhere, the device helps users track activity, sleep and calories
  • Moov – the bands help users train and improve form across a range of fitness activities
  • Netatmo June – the smart jewelry is designed to help users fight skin damage caused by the sun
  • Nike Fuel Band – the activity tracker connects with a suite of apps for training and motivation
  • Tom Tom Runner GPS Watch – featuring a large display, the watch helps runners train and connects to the TomTom MySports app
  • Wahoo TICKR X Workout Tracker and HR monitor – the workout strap captures heart rate, calorie burn, and duration of exercise
  • Withings Activité Pop – the waterproof watch features activity and sleep tracking
  • Withings Pulse – working as a watch or a clip, the wearable tracks steps, elevation, distance and calories

This isn’t a passive exercise – join us, challenge yourself, learn about cool tech and follow along here and on social media using #ACTwearsIt.