This morning Reps. Tom Marino and Suzan DelBene introduced the Law Enforcement Access to Data Stored Abroad Act (LEADS Act) in the House of Representatives. This legislation shows that there is a bipartisan, bicameral commitment to assure the future of American tech companies that operate abroad.

On behalf of ACT | The App Association and the more than 5,000 mobile app and software companies, Executive Director Morgan Reed released the following statement in support of the LEADS Act:

ACT | The App Association strongly supports the bipartisan introduction of the LEADS Act in the House of Representatives. We have long looked to Reps. Marino and DelBene for leadership on issues facing the tech community and applaud their commitment to improving privacy protections and cross-border data flows.

Cloud computing is essential to global commerce and has revolutionized how we communicate and access content. American technology companies are leaders in cloud services, both at home and abroad. Yet, our European allies are threatening to ban U.S. cloud providers over concerns that their citizens’ data isn’t safe when stored by companies within reach of the U.S. government.

Alert to these concerns, the LEADS Act requires law enforcement to treat digital information the same as physical goods: through warrants and information exchange treaties that comply with the law of the country where it resides. The LEADS Act effectively balances the needs of investigators and prosecutors with individual privacy protections. We thank Reps. Marino and DelBene for their leadership and commitment to find a solution for this critical issue.

Reps. Marino and DelBene will be speaking about the bill at a noon event today in 2203 Rayburn House Office Building.

Today’s lunch briefing, “Privacy a Threat to Companies Abroad?” is hosted by ACT | The App Association, and features IBM, NAM, and Rackspace. The panel will discuss why passage of the LEADS Act is critical for the tech and manufacturing industry. You can find the registration link here.

ACT | The App Association sent a letter of support to Reps. Marino and DelBene that outlines how the LEADS Act strengthens consumer privacy rights, clearly defines the limits for law enforcement and allows technology companies to continue innovating. That letter can be accessed here.

ACT | The App Association also joins a broad coalition of tech companies and association that lend strong support for the LEADS Act. That letter can be accessed here.

Learn more about the LEADS Act here.