My Life in Apps: Event Planning Edition

Hi, I’m the new Director of Events for ACT | The App Association. Nice to meet you!

I approach the world of tech a little differently than some of my colleagues. As I haven’t been living and breathing this stuff every day for years, I was a bit of a novice when I started.

Confession: I didn’t actually have a Twitter account when I started here. That’s right. I just wasn’t quite convinced they my every thought would interest the general public.

Now that’s not to say that I didn’t embrace technology. I was an early and avid fan of my Kindle. As a reader, I quickly became addicted to the amount of content continuously at my disposal. Finishing a book no longer meant a trip to the bookstore. I could browse from the comfort of my cozy bedroom if desired.

I also have both an iPhone and an iPad. I would happily update my Facebook status and Shazam the names of songs I couldn’t remember.

So bringing my base knowledge into this world of experts you might ask, “How did that change the way you use mobile devices?”

As an event planner I am always looking for ways to simplify, work ahead, organize and improvise when things don’t go as smoothly as anticipated. A few basic apps make a big difference.

I can Uber my team where they need to go for meetings on the Hill or events we are hosting around town.

I routinely use Seamless to order meals for staff lunches or even casual client get-togethers.

My Amazon app is a life saver when ordering last minute items I don’t have time to actually shop for in a store.

Drizly has even come in handy when ordering adult beverages for in-house events (shhhh!).

Eventbrite is perhaps the most valuable tool for any event planner. It houses the invitations and RSVPs for all of our events. Their mobile app Neon allows us to check in guests as they arrive and have a real time update on attendance. You can also use Eventbrite to find local events to attend and coordinate your social calendar with friends.

We all know social media has fundamentally changed the way we communicate and advertise events. Twitter, Facebook & Instagram are all “go to” apps for spreading the word about exciting events, sharing photos and messages live and making the attendees a part of the process.

Travel can be one of the most challenging aspects of coordinating events. There are several key apps that help me do this with confidence and a little bit of flair.

Flight Radar 24 is not only fun but extremely informative when coordinating travel either for yourself or a group. Wondering if you’re going to make that connecting flight or whether your client has landed? You can easily check these using this app. Gate Guru is another life-saver. Check it out. You won’t be sorry!

I also use My Trips. It shows flights, hotels/lodging, car rentals, restaurants, meetings, notes, train bookings and more.

Citymapper is a fantastic tool to find your way about town. This app connects you to local transportation options which can also help cut costs and make sure you don’t waste time figuring out the subway when you could be having fun.

With all this travel, you might be getting hungry.

Foursquare is great to plan a themed food tour in any city. Think of it as your personal tour guide. It also connects right to Open Table so reservations are a snap. You’re an instant local!

Lastly, use your Fitbit app to stay on track with diet and exercise while away from home.

So whether you plan events for a living or just for your group of friends on the weekend, check out these apps and plan with confidence.


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