Stakeholders within ICANN have looked at the problem of domain collisions using an outside perspective, studying the number of businesses that may be affected by the problem and which processes can be put in place to reduce those numbers.

In this paper we explore this problem using a different but equally important perspective: we examine how exactly small and large businesses are impacted when they fall victim to a domain collision. We look at how these problems will emerge, how they will impact the daily operations of the business, and what IT departments need to do to address the issues.


The threat of domain collisions is real and substantial for thousands of businesses of all sizes. Businesses can easily find out if their local networks are at risk, and with sufficient preparation, are able to mitigate the risks and reduce the impact of such collisions.

Raising Awareness

The difference between being able to plan a domain renaming procedure months in advance and being caught off guard is enormous. Renaming a domain requires not only careful planning but also extensive scheduled downtime. Without preparation
the impact of a domain collision can be disastrous. In order to preserve trust in the Internet, it is crucial that businesses that may be affected by domain collisions receive ample warning and sufficient information on mitigation procedures.

The ICANN community has the duty to raise awareness of the threat of domain name collisions. Without awareness, nothing can be done. Implementing a solution requires extensive planning, coordination, and testing. For businesses that are caught off guard, the business losses suffered by a domain name collision can be devastating.

Real world testing to aid risk mitigation

Additional testing needs to be done with actual domains to assess the impact and build templates for remediation plans. These templates may be used by businesses as best practices to identify areas that may be affected and implement robust remedies.

Stay Informed

ICANN has created a “command center” page with pointers to all news and information related to domain collisions:

The Impact of Domain Name Collisions: A Business Perspective