So you’ve launched an app – now what? How do you find customers? How do you make sure your app doesn’t get rejected? What’s the best way to plan and fund your product launch?  Add on top of that marketing or funding for version 2.0, and it is easy to find yourself lost in the ecosystem. Enter Developed | The App Economy Tour, a free night of brews, views, and a panel discussion featuring industry experts for an eye-opening discussion on next-generation apps, game-changing mobile solutions, and innovations driving the app ecosystem.

During Developed, attendees will:

  • Engage with industry influencers to explore paths to success in the app ecosystem;
  • Explore the tools and connections available to developers through platforms, including built-in customer base, reduced overhead, and developer toolkits (including analytics);
  • Identify new market opportunities in the $1.3 trillion app economy;
  • Learn best practices for branding, marketing, and attracting talent in the tech industry; and
  • Network with local entrepreneurs and leaders in your community.