New Member of Congress, Who ‘Dis?

Politics is personal. Whether you are caught up on the issues or you avoid thinking about them entirely, political debates and their outcomes affect each of us on an emotional level. What else would make politics—especially the politics of today—so divisive? But just as politics can divide, they can also form personal relationships—if there is mutual understanding. That goes for both sides of a given debate, whether we are referring to the two political parties, industry and government, or individuals [...]

Congress and ACT | The App Association Unite in Opposition to a Ban on iPhones

If you are an Apple customer, you may want to follow a case before the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) that could affect your ability to upgrade to the latest iPhone. At the center of the case are infringement claims against Apple involving 88 patent claims from chipmaker Qualcomm. The six patents at issue in this case relate to premium baseband chipsets, which currently connect smartphones to 4G networks and in the future will connect devices to 5G networks. What [...]

Why Does Healthcare Need AI? Connected Health Initiative Aims to Answer Why

ACT | The App Association's The Connected Health Initiative (CHI) convened a multistakeholder dialogue on AI in Healthcare in Washington, DC. The purpose of this dialogue was to address the role of machine learning and artificial intelligence/augmented intelligence (AI) in improving healthcare, preventing hospitalizations, reducing complications, and improving patient engagement. This dialogue was chaired by CHI’s Morgan Reed and Brian Scarpelli. Approximately 40 representatives from across the digital health stakeholder community including industry, medical professionals, patients, and government attended the [...]

Amplify: Caroline Chavier

ACT | The App Association recognizes the gap in representation in the tech community, and we want to change that. Our Amplify series lifts the voices of those in the tech community who are working to close those gaps in representation. We’re highlighting the problem solvers, telling the stories that don’t get told, and elevating those who are driving change in their field. This Amplify segment highlights French tech talent acquisition specialist Caroline Chavier, who is passionate about encouraging women, [...]

A Message from Voters: TV White Spaces Now

Without a doubt, the 2018 midterm elections revealed a nation divided beyond party lines. Articles attempting to explain these results even disagree on which issues are most responsible for our partisan divide: is it healthcare? Immigration? Taxes? Trade? Whichever of these you choose, you can find a strong contingent of voters on one side of the issue that disagrees vehemently with the other. Somewhere beyond all the rancor and argument, Americans of all political stripes have come to an agreement [...]

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