A Message from Voters: TV White Spaces Now

Without a doubt, the 2018 midterm elections revealed a nation divided beyond party lines. Articles attempting to explain these results even disagree on which issues are most responsible for our partisan divide: is it healthcare? Immigration? Taxes? Trade? Whichever of these you choose, you can find a strong contingent of voters on one side of the issue that disagrees vehemently with the other. Somewhere beyond all the rancor and argument, Americans of all political stripes have come to an agreement [...]

Don’t Panic: AI Will Always Need You

“Prepare for failure, yell and do not expect anything.” “Before inspiration, comes the slaughter.” “Seek success, but prepare for vegetables.”  No, these are not bizarre threats or samples of Kanye West’s tweets, these are quotes created by Inspirobot, an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven bot that was designed to create inspirational and uplifting messages. This example of AI gone awry serves as an important reminder that AI, while capable of life-changing behaviors and actions, is still just a machine that learns [...]

ACT | The App Association’s 2018 Gift Guide: Part Two

“Do you see what I see?” said the last-minute shopper to the void under the tree. Worry not, ACT | The App Association’s holiday elves are still tinkering away and compiled part two of our gift guide just for you! Check out these awesome apps that make the perfect gift - no one will even know it’s a last-minute grab. Missed part one of our gift guide? Read it here. The Final Countdown: App-ealing Gifts for Last Minute Shoppers Only [...]

EU Update: One Year After SEP Communication, Where are We?

A year ago last week the European Commission published a Communication on the licensing of standard essential patents (SEPs).  It was an enlightened move to steer a fraught process that has been dogged by litigation, especially in the area of communications technologies. Lawsuits over the licensing of SEPs for communications chips have by and large involved smart phones. But as growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) gathers pace the number of devices requiring the same communications chips will explode. [...]

The P2B Regulation: A Good-Intentioned Road to Hell

A group of Europe’s SME app developers—representing myriad economic sectors (including healthcare, mobility, software development, cyber security, gaming, and e-commerce businesses)—sent a letter to Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) urging them to reconsider its  legislative proposal on business practices of online platforms. The SME signatories warn MEPs that the Parliament's Internal Market Committee’s (IMCO’s) proposed amendments to said legislation could lead to market fragmentation, legal uncertainty, and a reduction to consumer protection and choice in the European Union [...]

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