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We Wore It: 99 days, 23 wearables, and 50 health & fitness apps

Millions of steps taken, calories counted, workouts tracked, and stairs conquered with 23 devices, 50 apps, 14 staff challenges… and one trip to a trampoline park. What did we learn? There is diversity in devices—find the one that works for you. Each wearable is different, meaning there's a device that works for each individual's needs and lifestyle. Just about all of the activity trackers count steps (if you’re interested in HOW, check out Dan’s post on accelerometry), but deals with [...]

Why watchOS 2 will make your Apple Watch insanely great

When Wellbeyond released a meditation timer, it was designed from the ground up for the Apple Watch — with a “Watch First” mindset. The user interactions on the Watch were designed first, and the iOS app was almost an afterthought. While this fostered a very simple and elegant user interface, most development time was consumed by working around the limitations of the first version of the Apple Watch SDK. For example, the opening screen lets you simply select how long you want to meditate: [...]

I dream of kitchen IoT…

Between Alex’s recent post about how devices and apps can help manage chronic conditions, Morgan’s testimony on the Internet of Things (IoT) last week, and how the wearables and apps I’ve been trying for We Wear It are changing my habits, I got to thinking about what a fully-connected life would be like. It starts with something I’ve fantasized about for years: an IoT kitchen. I’m not just talking about connected appliances where you can start pre-heating your oven on your [...]

Wearable of the Week: Apple Watch

Who’s trying it: Morgan, Jonathan, Nick From the beginning of We Wear It, our team has made clear that wearables are not just about counting steps—they do a lot more. The Apple Watch certainly falls into the “does a lot more” category, combining fashion with a whole lot of function. Here we’re concentrating on the Apple Watch as a health and fitness companion. For its fitness tracking, the Watch uses three main hardware components: a heart rate sensor, an accelerometer, [...]

Wearable of the Week: MOOV

Who’s trying it: Alex, Melissa, Dan The MOOV is billed as a “smart personal coach,” which is more than just a wearable reporting to the user about activity. Where other activity trackers can capture data from a run, bike ride, swim, etc.—or do so through a connected app—the MOOV uses that data to help you get better, faster, and more fit. There are apps for coaching running/walking, swimming, cardio boxing, cycling, and 7-minute workouts. The MOOV devices are worn on [...]

Wearable(s) of the Week: Kids’ Wearables

Wearables: Leapfrog LeapBand, Ibitz activity tracker, Kidfit activity and sleep tracker Who’s trying them: The Lee kids and some of their friends Yes, there are kid wearables as well! Each of the three we’ve tried are about encouraging kids to be active, and incentivizing healthy activity through rewards. The Ibitz tracker is a small device that clips to clothing or shoes, similar to the Fitbit One or Jawbone Up Move. It tracks steps daily and over time. The activity is [...]

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