Innovators Network Foundation Announces Inaugural Privacy Fellows

“Privacy” has a strong chance as a nominee for 2019 Word of the Year. Thanks to our increased output of consumer data and a number of high-profile data breaches, virtually every industry takes data privacy into consideration in their business strategy. Chief privacy officers are making their way into corporate c-suites, and policymakers at every level are drafting legislation aimed at keeping consumer data safe. But privacy is not a black and white concept. Consumers’ self-reported views on data privacy [...]

Technology Remains a Focus of Priorities for the New European Commission

by Anna Bosch and Mike Sax Recently, incoming European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced the full line-up for her new team. Over the last five years, the era of limited government interference for big tech in Europe came to an end as competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager began to implement an increasingly cautious and punitive policy approach. In addition, individual member states like France and Germany have started to treat technology policy like a challenge rather than an opportunity, [...]

Developed | The App Economy Tour One Night Only – Coming to a City Near You

What’s Going On? – Marvin Gaye On Thursday, September 12, ACT | The App Association is kicking off our first cross-country tour! Developed | The App Economy Tour is a series of events that brings entrepreneurs, business leaders, industry experts, and state, local, and federal officials together for an eye-opening discussion on next-generation apps, game-changing mobile solutions, and innovations driving the app ecosystem. Developed is an opportunity for developers and entrepreneurs, at any stage of the development or business cycle, [...]

The Next Tech Hub Could Be Wherever You Are

Author: Betsy Fuller Fast, reliable broadband is the only thing preventing rural communities from being the next tech hub. Pockets of the country either do not have reliable connectivity or don’t have any at all. Without innovative ways to connect, some towns will be left on the wrong side of the digital divide. One such place is the village of Cimarron, New Mexico. It’s a small town with fewer than 1,000 residents, but attractions like Cimarron Canyon State Park and [...]

PSA: Healthcare Tech Isn’t Just at the Doctor’s Office—It’s on Your Wrist

By Martin Hito and Madeline Zick Healthcare was an expectedly hot issue in the initial 2020 Democratic presidential debates, with candidates clashing over private versus public healthcare systems. In the past decade, lawmakers in Washington battled across the aisle and within party lines, arguing over the economic merits of potential healthcare reforms. And with the increased pressure on Democratic candidates to secure the rural vote, it comes as no surprise that most Democratic candidates have introduced plans specific to rural [...]

The N in FAANG: Netflix as a Cultural and Economic Phenomenon

Part of a series on the effects of some of the biggest U.S. tech companies on the app economy. On this blog, we’ve written about how software platforms make it easier for developers to reach their intended audience. As theories of harm and general suspicion of platforms abound, now is the time to examine how they both altered and, in many ways, benefited the markets they’ve entered. In the case of Netflix, it helps to examine how Netflix revolutionized video [...]

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