What Are “TV White Spaces”?

  • Television white spaces are unused spectrum bands near and between television broadcast channels.

  • This resource can help bridge the digital divide by providing wireless broadband to America’s underserved communities.

  • The ability to travel long distances and through geographic obstacles make television spectrum bands ideal for mobile broadband.

  • Fast upload and download speeds make television white spaces essential to the future of 5G.

Why White Spaces?

39% of rural Americans lack access to broadband

White Spaces take advantage of underutilized spectrum.

• The Federal Communications Commission designates television white spaces as “unlicensed,” meaning no one can exclude others from using the spectrum.

• Still, valuable television white spaces remain underused in most parts of the country, doing a disservice to the American public.

• The future of 5G networks depends on licensed and unlicensed spectrum – we must put television white spaces to productive use.

What are the Benefits of Television White Spaces?

Television white spaces are already being used across the country, providing benefits to different parts of society.

The benefits are many, but more must be done.

To bring the benefits and utility of television white spaces nationwide,
the Federal Communications Commission must be encouraged to finalize rules governing this valuable resource.


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