Checklist For Health and Wellness App Design

  • A growing number of consumers are using apps to track their fitness and manage their health. Health and wellness apps may need to comply with laws that regulate the use of medical information and manage ad networks and analytics providers that may access consumers’ data. While writing your privacy policy, consider the following:

  • Are you familiar with HIPAA and the HIPAA FAQs? Have you determined whether your app is covered by HIPAA? If you’re unsure, check out our HIPAA Check Tool for more info.

  • Does your privacy policy detail whether you share data with third parties, how you share data with third parties, and how you expect third parties to treat your consumers’ data?

  • Does your app include advertising? Do advertisers have access to your consumers’ data?

  • Does your privacy policy include information about how consumers can access, delete, and request changes to their data within your app? Does the policy outline how long you will retain data? Do you include information about what happens to a consumer’s data after they delete their account?

In addition to these category specific considerations, make sure your app covers the essentials.