Our world has become increasingly mobile; by accessing data in the cloud, apps and connected devices are a central part of how we work, play, shop, and stay healthy. From medical records and financial documents to family photos and schoolwork, Americans look to apps to access and control their most important data.

The App Association represents more than 5,000 app makers and connected device companies in the mobile economy, a $1.7 trillion ecosystem. Organization members leverage the connectivity of smart devices to create innovative solutions that make our lives better. The App Association is the leading industry resource on market strategy, regulated industries, privacy, and security.

App Association members are located around the world, in all 27 member countries of the European Union and in all 435 congressional districts of the United States, showing that with coding skills and an internet connection, an app maker can succeed from anywhere. Because of low barriers to entry, the app marketplace has seen high growth in areas which have not been traditional tech hubs. For example, more than 83 percent of app companies exist outside these traditional tech hubs.

Mobile plus cloud serves as the linchpin of a global digital marketplace that drives roughly $28 trillion in commerce every year. The app store model and the proliferation of cloud services have given small companies never before seen access to overseas markets. of top grossing U.S. app companies have operations in Europe, and that number is set to continue growing in coming years.

As the leading industry voice on the app economy for our members as well as policymakers, we provide resources and tools to help app makers understand the rules, regulations, and best practices that are critical to secure success and consumer confidence. Our members and experts frequently testify before Congress on topics ranging from the internet of things to connected health innovation. In addition, we regularly host briefings and product demos to showcase innovations and highlight issues faced by entrepreneurs across the country.

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ACT | The App Association enjoys the support of top companies in the mobile economy. This sponsorship allows us to develop industry leading initiatives like Know What’s Inside®, the Privacy Dashboard, and developer bootcamps while publishing reports and white papers that inform the public and policymakers about the rapidly growing mobile marketplace.