The Promise of Connected Care Depends on Rural Connectivity

Written by Lucienne Ide, MD, PhD | Founder of Rimidi In medicine, we often talk about meeting a patient where they are. Usually, this is in reference to their health literacy levels or their readiness to follow a treatment plan. It’s more challenging to physically meet patients where they are—especially those in rural communities where there is poverty, with remote locations and fewer local doctors. A quarter of Americans who live in rural areas have to drive an average of [...]

Coalition Against Anticompetitive SEP Abuse Keeps Expanding After Apple/Qualcomm Settlement; Calls on Commerce Department and USPTO to Continue Bipartisan SEP Policies

The agreement Apple and Qualcomm announced last week may have ended direct litigation between the two companies, but it did nothing to address the growing threat to competition and innovation caused by anticompetitive abuse of standard-essential patents (SEPs) by Qualcomm and others. That is why the alliance of companies, organizations, and industries demanding regulators and lawmakers defend the concept of open and accessible standards through fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) licensing keeps expanding. Over the past few weeks, Daimler, Continental [...]

The Hip Bone is Connected to the Smartphone

Hi! We haven’t formally met, but I’m Ashley Durkin-Rixey, director of communications at ACT | The App Association. I joined the App Association in August of 2018. This is a personal story about digital health tools that begins with roller derby. I played competitive roller derby for about eight years with two teams in the DC area, from 2006 until 2015. If you need a primer on roller derby, check out this one courtesy of the Women’s Flat Track Derby [...]

The Race to 5G Called Due to Inclement Weather

 The Race to 5G Called Due to Inclement Weather For the past few years, it seems like you can’t walk more than three feet outside without some reference to the “race to 5G” appearing in an advertisement. 5G’s hype cycle has been long, but, done right, 5G will universally transform and enhance the way we do business and access healthcare. Generally, 5G means: 1) faster broadband speeds; 2) lower consumer costs; and 3) more interconnectivity. However, these outcomes aren’t going [...]

Member Spotlight: Synesthesia

Based in Turin, Italy, Synesthesia creates high-quality native and cross-platform apps for smartphones and tablets. Synesthesia has been developing mobile applications and services since 2011 and continues to grow due to their specialization in digital productions. Their research center builds solutions using the most relevant and high-level digital tools with the aim to share their knowledge and expertise about application development both in the Italian and European markets. Through their dedicated iOS, Android, and web teams, Synesthesia understands the opportunities [...]

An FTC Settlement with Qualcomm Could Hold the Entire IoT Economy Hostage

Facing a potentially devastating federal court ruling in its antitrust case, Qualcomm and its allies are ratcheting up political pressure for a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) before the judge announces a decision in the case. But why? A look at Qualcomm’s financial history in the last year exposes a company desperate to save its stock price and fend off acquisitions, all while putting the future of the internet of things (IoT) economy at risk thanks to its [...]

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