App Platforms and Privacy

Intro Curated app stores and platforms are a driving force in the growth of the app economy and offer unique benefits for consumers and small business app developers alike. ACT | The App Association detailed many of the economic and competitive benefits of platforms in our white papers and past blog posts. But how do platforms manage data and ensure user privacy? This post is the first in a series on how various platforms handle consumer data privacy. With Apple’s [...]

White Space, Growing Gap: Addressing the Digital Divide with Unlicensed Spectrum

Twenty-five million: the entire population of Australia, the amount of money “Crazy Rich Asians” made at the box office its second week in theatres, and the number of people in the rural United States without access to the internet. That’s right, 25 million rural Americans are part of an underserved population that cannot access telehealth tools, do homework, or apply for jobs. Technology-driven small businesses are growing beyond the coasts, but small businesses in rural America find themselves struggling to [...]

ACT | The App Association is proud to collaborate with the United States Patent and Trademark Office

ACT | The App Association is proud to collaborate with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to improve intellectual property (IP) systems across the world, including through the USPTO’s IP attaché program, which works with foreign government to enhance IP protections, enforcement, and other policies for the benefit of U.S. stakeholders.  IP attachés are posted at U.S. missions around the world to address IP issues arising in their assigned regions.  Find an attaché in your region.

AirTies: Experiences in Innovating with Standards & the Internet of Things

This Member Monday, we’re featuring one of our newest European members, AirTies, to learn about their innovative Wi-Fi access software and understand their experience when it comes to the licensing of standard-essential patents, as well as the threat that abusive behavior by licensors can pose to companies who scale quickly. Billions of people around the globe depend on a reliable internet connection for work, school, health and more. The growth of the internet of things (IoT) environment has our refrigerators, [...]

Congressional Fall Forecast

Congress has returned from August recess and is back in session! Check out our vlog featuring ACT’s Senior Director for Public Policy, Graham Dufault, for what to expect for the rest of the 115th Congress.  

Apple v. Pepper and Why It Matters to App Developers

By pairing small business developers and curated platforms (e.g., Apple’s App Store or Google Play for mobile, and Steam for games), the app economy has experienced unrivaled growth and success. This unique relationship creates a trustworthy conduit for reliable and cost-effective access to end users across consumer and enterprise contexts. Our market data and research identify three key attributes that led to this revolution in software distribution: Reduction in overhead costs imposed by traditional publishers; Instantaneous and cost-effective consumer trust [...]

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