Don’t let government overreach restrict your sales abroad!

Foreign governments are threatening to restrict U.S. cloud providers from operating overseas over fear that their citizens’ data cannot be safe if it’s stored by American companies within reach of the U.S. government.

The LEADS Act would pre-empt such a ban. The bill would require U.S. law enforcement agencies to direct all data requests to the government of jurisdiction. American cloud providers could not be compelled to give up user data without the sign off of the customer’s home country. They would also be required to get a warrant from a judge.

Passage of this bill would strengthen consumer privacy rights and clearly define limits for law enforcement. Most importantly, it would eliminate the issue that Europeans and others have seized upon in their efforts to restrict American cloud providers internationally. This affects everyone in the mobile ecosystem and it’s critical for our industry that the LEADS Act is passed.

We ask Members of Congress to cosponsor the LEADS Act to clarify existing privacy law and ensure that U.S. tech companies can compete overseas on a level playing field.

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